Pheasant shooting to be banned on public land

(Title Image: ITV Wales)

Following a campaign by animal welfare organisations, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has decided to introduce a ban on shooting pheasant on publicly-owned land from March 2019.

NRW’s Board said it considered the Welsh Government’s position against shooting and decided the appropriate time to institute the ban will be when current shooting leases expire next year. NRW will also consider the impact wildfowl shooting has on conservation and rare bird species.

Applications for licences regarding other forms of shooting, such as clay pigeon shooting, will now also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

In their statement, NRW said, “We want to make the most of the land we manage for the people, economy and environment in Wales. As a land manager, this means considering how best to make sure that we tackle the ongoing decline in our wildlife, while conserving rare animals and habitats.”

The League Against Cruel Sports welcomed the decision, but the Countryside Alliance said it would lead to job losses and sidelined scientific evidence.