Campaigners “Cycle on the Senedd” demanding more active travel cash

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Cycling campaigners descended on the Senedd yesterday afternoon (2nd October 2018) calling for the Welsh Government to commit to spending £20-per-head on active travel by 2020-21. Their demand echoes a recommendation from the Economy & Infrastructure Committee.

The organisers of the “Cycle on the Senedd” event, Cardiff Cycle City, told

“We are delighted to have had the support of such a wide range of organisations; it demonstrates how this issue goes way beyond cycling.


“Active travel can help tackle some of Wales’s greatest challenges such as climate change, air quality and obesity.


“We are determined to convince Welsh Government that if they are serious about the Active Travel Act, they really need to finance it properly.”

In an article for Click on Wales published ahead of the rally, Sustrans Cymru’s director, Steve Brooks, said:

“Welsh Government really are behind other ambitious countries when it comes to spending. In Scotland, investment in walking and cycling is considerably more. In September 2017 it confirmed that it was doubling the walking and cycling budget (from £40m to £80m) equating to a spend of £16 per head per year.”