Post-Brexit immigration plans “will hurt Wales and Scotland”

(Title Image: Cardiff University)

Representatives of the Scottish and Welsh governments have told UK counterparts at a meeting on October 11th that their proposals for immigration after Brexit would “add to the damage” Brexit would cause.

The Welsh Government’s representative, Finance Secretary, Mark Drakeford (Lab, Cardiff West), said that the meeting with UK Ministers was “difficult” and that the distinction between high-skilled and low-skilled migrants was a false distinction.

He told BBC Wales, “That doesn’t work for Wales and in any case, the distinction between high and low skills is a false one. People who work in our care services, for example, do vital work, they do really important work and they would not be captured by the UK’s definition of a highly skilled job.”

The Welsh Secretary, Alun Cairns MP, was said to be “optimistic” that an agreement with the EU can still be reached.