Assembly Commission budget for 2019-20 approved

(Title Image: National Assembly of Wales)

AMs have unanimously approved the Assembly Commission’s budget for 2019-20 – more details here.

One of the main concerns of the Finance Committee in their response was the costings of the Youth Parliament of Wales – an election to which is currently underway.

Assembly Commissioner with responsibility for finance, Suzy Davies AM (Con, South Wales West) said:

“Of course, this is the first time we’ve done it (Youth Parliament), and it’s the first time anybody in an Assembly of this size has done quite what we’re doing as well. If you remember, the way that we are constructing this is quite different from existing examples with the UK Parliament, and even what Scotland is attempting to do. So, I hope you will bear with us in giving you specific figures.”

Mike Hedges AM (Lab, Swansea East) congratulated the Commission and its staff for bringing in a “tough budget” which was within the boundaries set by the Finance Committee (not to increase any more than changes to the Welsh block grant).

However, Chair of the Finance Committee, Llyr Gruffydd AM (Plaid, North Wales) expressed concerns that there was an assumption that the Commission’s budget should automatically increase.