FOI Reveals: The Welsh Government maintains a list of “vexatious correspondents”

(Title Image: Wales Online)

The Welsh Government have provided details on how they define a “vexatious” requests and correspondence as well as how they deal it (pdf).

The guidance – which is only two pages long – said there’s no clear definition of “vexatious”, but it might include correspondence that has no clear purpose, is designed to “cause disruption or annoyance” or can be classified as either obsessive or unreasonable.

A practical example is given of numerous letters/emails which return to the same point time after time once the person refuses to accept an answer.

The guidance says defining correspondence as vexatious should be “a last resort” and should be answered by saying the Welsh Government, “will not be responding further to you on this topic”. However, it doesn’t mean future correspondence from the same person on a different topic will be ignored.

The guidance adds that the Welsh Government’s Cabinet Division maintains a list of vexatious correspondents and all future letters/requests from people on the list are screened and, if deemed vexatious, filed.

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