Report builds the case for council tax reform

(Title Image: Wales Online)

As councils across Wales finalise their budgets for 2019-20, a report from the Wales Governance Centre reported that while the public pays higher rates of council tax, the number of services they were receiving in return was still being cut.

Most funding for councils comes from Welsh Government revenue grants, while less than half of their income comes from council tax and business rates. The report said council tax was regressive as it was based on property values, not ability to pay.

Planning, economic development, leisure services and roads were all said to have been hit hardest by local government austerity.

Guto Ifan, one of the authors, told BBC Wales: “We predict that council tax rates will continue to rise and could account for a quarter of all local authority revenue by 2023-24, as county halls try to balance the books and deal with increasing demands for services.”