Air Passenger Duty “won’t be devolved”

(Title Image: Rhydgaled via Flickr and the Creative Commons Licence)

The UK Government are unlikely to consider devolving air passenger duty (APD) to Wales over concerns it would negatively affect English airports, particularly Bristol.

While the Chief Executive of Cardiff Airport, Debra Barber (above), told a meeting of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee in Cardiff last week that Bristol Aiport may have over-estimated the impact APD will have on their operations, the UK Government appears to have already ruled out devolving the levy.

The levy is already devolved to Scotland and Northern Ireland. Debra Barber estimated devolution would result in, at most, an additional 600,000 passengers using Cardiff Airport each year.

The Welsh Government called for their UK counterparts to clarify their position, with concerns that a failure to devolve APD would Welsh economic and tourism promotion efforts.