Report: Wales can meet all its energy needs from renewables by 2035

(Title Image: Institute of Welsh Affairs)

Last week, the Institute of Welsh Affairs published a new report on renewable energy (pdf), suggesting that Wales could generate 100% of its domestic energy requirements from renewables with 15 years.

The report recommends:

  • Energy efficiency improvements to 870,000 homes.
  • Changes to the planning system to support renewable energy and ensure all renewable energy projects have between 5-33% community ownership by 2020.
  • Develop a transport decarbonisation plan and include transport as a key measure of national wellbeing.
  • An additional 2.67GW of solar generating capacity, 2.55GW of onshore wind and 1.78GW of offshore wind.
  • 4GW of tidal power and at least 55MW of hydroelectricity from onshore sources.

The report estimates the above measures would create around 20,000 jobs and would be worth £7.3billion to the Welsh economy. In terms of finances, the report suggests ending subsidies for fossil fuels and redirecting funding from Welsh public sector pension schemes – which are currently estimated to have invested £1billion in fossil fuels.

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