Senedd Bites #79: Youth Parliament calls for life skills in the curriculum

(Title Image: National Assembly of Wales)

Life skills needed in school curriculum to avoid producing “A* robots”

The Welsh Youth Parliament published a report calling for life skills to be embedded within the new national curriculum (link).

The report concluded there were large gaps in teaching life skills, including matters such as mortgages, credit, political education and dealing with major life events such as the death of a friend or family member.

The Education Minister is due to discuss the new curriculum with the Youth Parliament at its next plenary session on 25th October 2019.

Miscarriages “should be treated as an emergency”

Women who’ve experienced multiple miscarriages have called for better standards of care within the Welsh NHS. A report by charity Tommy’s recommended the establishment of two specialist miscarriage clinics and for miscarriages to be treated similarly to a medical emergency.

The Senedd backed a motion calling for better support for families who’ve experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth in 2018. The Welsh Government said individual health boards were working to improve standards of care.

Language apps helping boost the number of Welsh learners

Language learning apps such as Duolinguo have experienced a surge in users learning Welsh, with a 34% increase in 2019 compared to 2018. Say Something in Welsh was also said to have 60,000 regular users.

Welsh Language Commissioner, Aled Roberts, said: “The most important thing is offering opportunities for people to learn the language”.

Plaid Cymru loses all of its Cardiff city councillors

Plaid Cymru no longer has any councillors on Cardiff Council after three councillors – Keith Parry, Lisa Ford and Andrea Gibson – left the party in a show of support for Neil McEvoy AM (Ind, South Wales Central).

The group will now sit as independents, though there’s confusion over whether they’re still members of the party; withdrawing the whip (as they described it) is likely to lead to their immediate expulsion. They said there was a “toxic atmosphere” within the party and their calls for intervention by the leader in a dispute over nominations for the 2021 Senedd election had gone unanswered.

Earlier this month, allies of McEvoy failed to win key positions on Plaid Cymru’s National Executive Committee – which was considered the last chance for his readmission to the party.