Senedd Bites #82: Unfair charges for “free” school breakfast clubs

(Title Image: Cardiff University)

Some councils still charge for free breakfast clubs

Parents have told BBC Wales that they continue to face “unfair” charges for their children to attend school breakfast clubs at some schools. While all children are entitled to free breakfasts, the report says six local authorities charges fees or ask for donations.

The Welsh Government has said that no charges should be applied to school breakfast clubs, telling BBC Wales: “Free school breakfasts are just that – free. On no account can a school apply any costs to children and their families for any element of the free breakfast session.”

GCSEs “shouldn’t be ditched”

Responding to a recent report from the Future Generations Commissioner, Qualifications Wales said that GCSE qualifications should remain in place for the foreseeable future, saying the GCSE brand was “valued”.

The Future Generation Commissioner’s report called for a narrative-based assessment pointing out individual students’ strengths and weaknesses, but Qualifications Wales said: “We believe that keeping the GCSE name enables us to make all the necessary changes to the design of qualifications, while also reaping the benefits of retaining a name that is valued and widely recognised.”

Business case for third Menai crossing “not as strong”

Following the indefinite postponement of the Wylfa Newydd nuclear power station on Anglesey, the Economy Minister has reportedly accepted that the case for a third crossing of the Menai Straits was no longer as strong.

A preferred route for the new crossing was announced towards the end of 2018, but the postponement of the nuclear energy project has resulted in a failure to agree on a partnership deal with the National Grid.

Call for Welsh Tory chair to stand down

The former deputy Conservative chair in Wales, Lee Canning, has called on the Chair of the Welsh Conservatives, former AM, Byron Davies, to stand down over his handling of the Ross England scandal.

Lee Canning has taken up a position with the Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party and told BBC Wales: “I do want to reiterate that I do have a lot of friends in the party that put in a tremendous amount of hard work but there are issues there that do need to be remedied and I think the best way for them to be remedied would be for Byron to stand down.”

Byron Davies described Canning as a “disgruntled failed candidate” and refused to comment on the Ross England investigation further.