Minimum-per-unit alcohol pricing comes into force

(Title Image: Pixabay, copyright free)

From yesterday (2nd March 2020), alcoholic drinks in Wales will have a minimum-per-unit price of 50p applied, which is expected to see a sharp increase in the price of cheap, strong drinks such as white cider.

The Senedd approved the Minimum Alcohol Pricing Bill in June 2018, though its introduction has been delayed.

A formula based on the minimum unit price, alcohol strength and the volume of a drink will be used to determine the minimum price retailers can sell a drink for.

Health Minister, Vaughan Gething (Lab, Cardiff S. & Penarth) said: “We know when alcohol is cheap and readily available, harmful drinking increases. The minimum price won’t affect moderate drinkers who may be worried about the price of a pint going up. The aim of this legislation is to reduce the harm being done by those most at risk of alcohol abuse.”