Vale of Glamorgan shortlisted for electric vehicle battery gigafactory

(Title Image: Wikipedia via Mariordo and Creative Commons Licence BY SA 2.0)

St Athan has been shortlisted alongside Coventry to house start-up company Britishvolt‘s first “gigafactory” focused on manufacturing and recycling batteries for electric vehicles.

The company claims up to 4,000 people could be employed at the factory once operation, which would be 1km long and 500 metres wide.

The Welsh Government said, “We firmly believe that Bro Tathan provides a compelling case, particularly for a company looking to become one of the greenest battery producers worldwide.”

Petrol and diesel vehicles are set to be phased out in the UK through the mid-2030s, with a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles having been brought forward to 2035.

As yet it’s unclear if the Welsh Government will be expected to make a financial contribution.