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More Diverse, More Welsh: Committee’s verdict on the future of teaching Welsh history

Culture Committee Teaching of Welsh history, culture & heritage (pdf) Published: 14th November 2019 The inquiry was selected by a …

Pinewood to pull out of Cardiff studio in 2020

Brexit & External Affairs

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Post-Brexit visa salary threshold “must be reduced” as EU residents face continued uncertainty

(Title Image: National Assembly of Wales/External Affairs Committee) External Affairs Committee Changes to Freedom of Movement after Brexit (pdf) Published: …

The Lobby

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AMs back Assembly Commission budget for 2020-21

(Title Image: Electoral Reform Society) Yesterday, AMs unanimously approved the Assembly Commission’s budget for 2020-21, which covers the running cost …


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Can the Welsh Government’s plan save the Union?

Wales: The Indycurious Nation?

End of Year Report 2018-19

Theresa May’s Top 5 Brexit Blunders