EU Withdrawal Agreement rejected at Westminster for a second time

(Title Image: The Telegraph)

The Prime Minister’s EU Withdrawal Agreement was rejected by the UK House of Commons for a second time, putting the UK on course for either a “No Deal” Brexit or a period of limbo.

MPs voted 341-242 against the deal. While the numbers voting in favour of the deal increased compared to the first vote on January 15th 2019, it’s still one of the largest defeats for a sitting Prime Minister, with Theresa May now holding a number of records in that regard.

The Senedd and Scottish Parliament have already voted against the deal.

Later today, MPs will be given a vote on whether to reject a “No Deal” Brexit. If that vote is successful for the Prime Minister, a further vote will take place on Thursday (14th March) authorising the Prime Minister to negotiate an extension to the Article 50 period, delaying Brexit from 29th March to an, as of yet, indeterminate date.