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All sites affiliated with the Oggy Bloggy Ogwr umbrella (Oggy Bloggy Ogwr, State of Wales & Senedd Home) are committed to free speech and rigorous debate. All sites deal with issues that are sometimes controversial or might stir passions, so it’s vital readers are able to have their say.

Comments are always welcome and are, 99% of the time, usually of a high standard.

All three sites use Disqus for comments. You don’t need a Disqus account to comment, but you do need an email address or social media account. Comments can also be left anonymously.

The House Rules

Disagreeing with what’s written in an article or another comment is fine, but if you make a claim it’s expected that you provide proof (i.e a link to a source). Moderation is rare and as long as you don’t do any of the following you won’t end up on the wrong side of me.

  1. Disrespect – Persistent use of offensive language, trolling/deliberately attempting to start an off-topic argument, sending “hate mail” to the author or posting links, images or videos that could be considered pornographic or in poor taste.
  2. Impersonation – Using multiple identities or using an e-mail address that either isn’t your own or makes it impossible for another commentator to reply with being a nuisance to a third party.
  3. Spam – Posting advertising without permission, posting off-topic comments or making poorly written comments that are either poorly formatted, excessively long or don’t make sense.
  4. Libel – Posting a comment about the author, another commentator or public figure that could be considered libellous.
  5. Breaching the site’s Privacy Policy – Posting personal information (as defined in the Privacy Policy) that isn’t already in the public domain.


If you think a comment has broken this rules and I’ve missed it then use Disqus to “flag as inappropriate”.

If I don’t believe a comment has broken the rules, then no action will be taken.

If a comment is “borderline” – doesn’t break the rules but comes very close to doing so – I’ll issue a written warning. If a comment thread has drifted off-topic it’ll be closed, but the comments will remain visible.

If a comment has broken the rules, the comment will be deleted and I’ll give an explanation why. A final warning will be issued if someone breaks the rules again.

If an IP address is associated with a third rule break in quick succession, they’ll be blocked from posting comments temporarily or permanently depending on the seriousness (i.e. personal abuse or libel will be treated more seriously than a poorly formatted comment).