About Senedd Home

What is Senedd Home?

A weekly magazine-style blog focused on Welsh politics and current affairs, the latest news and developments from the Welsh Government and the National Assembly (aka. Senedd). The author is Owen Donovan.

Why was Senedd Home set up?

For a full and detailed account of how the site is produced, read How Senedd Home Works.

There’s a lack of coverage of domestic politics – a situation long been dubbed the “democratic deficit”.

Like it or loathe it, the National Assembly and Welsh Government spend £15billion of our money every year and are directly responsible for many key public services (outlined at Devolution Explained).

On the old Oggy Bloggy Ogwr I developed a reputation for depth and detail, but on Senedd Home, this will shift to a breadth of coverage. That means a greater number of articles but they’ll be shorter and to the point with little to no commentary. People don’t really need depth, they need to be aware of what’s happening in the first place.

Can you run through the post categories?


  • Committees – This section covers the work of the Senedd’s committees and the Assembly Commission, in particular their inquiry reports and reports on proposed Welsh laws (Stage 1).
  • Editorial – Opinion pieces on major talking points in Welsh politics and society.
  • Government – Policy and budget announcements from government ministers as well as summaries of ministerial statements in the Senedd chamber.
  • Law – Following proposed Welsh laws from start to finish, including debates on proposed backbench Members Bill as well as regulations of note which are set to be debated or passed by AMs.
  • News in Brief – A brief weekly round up of assorted minor stories and of some of the best stories from the Welsh political blogosphere and political journalists (Best of the Blogs).
  • Question Time – AMs put the First Minister and other Welsh Government Ministers on the spot by questioning them in the chamber on topical matters.
  • The Lobby – Shorter posts relating to minor government news, Short Debates from AMs, protests and rallies at the Senedd, news from civic society types, assorted political gossip, disciplinary matters and internal party politics such as leadership elections.
  • Video – Clips of key moments from inside the Senedd chamber as well as other videos from the Welsh Government and National Assembly.
  • Y Siambr – Weekly summaries of the most significant debates from the Senedd chamber, including backbench members debates, debates on petitions received by the Senedd, opposition debates and government-led debates.

When will new posts be published?

Senedd Home will be updated throughout the week when the National Assembly’s in session – usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. There’ll be no updates during half term recesses, Christmas, Easter or summer recesses.

Major breaking stories will be covered immediately wherever possible.

How do I make sure I don’t miss an update?

Follow Oggy Bloggy Ogwr on social media (more details here), or sign up by email for the newsletter (at the top of the left-hand sidebar). Newsletters will contain all posts from each update in one place and will be sent out to subscribers every Thursday during term time.