Best of the Blogs #2: Wales Says….Meh

(Title Image: ITV Wales)

Whilst not questioning the principle of the Welsh & Scottish governments joining forces to oppose the Brexit Bill, Cllr. Peter Black questioned whether – in light of parliamentary sovereignty – it’s entirely worth it.

Jac o’ the North – arguably the best investigative journalist in Wales – looks into the background of the people behind a proposed indoor ski centre near Merthyr Tydfil. As you might expect there are a few skeletons in the closet.

Shazia Awan writes in The New Statesman about the underperformance of the Welsh tourist industry, particularly amongst international visitors.

Borthlas ponders the nature of sovereignty in the modern world and whether pro-Brexit Welsh nationalists may inadvertently be undermining their cause.

The Wales Governance Centre has launched a new project looking into the barriers preventing people standing for office – with a rundown at Click on Wales.

Jacqui at Carmarthen Planning offers a round-up of some of the major talking points ahead of Carmarthen Council’s return from summer recess, but one of particular interest to everyone (at the bottom of the post) refers to local authorities withdrawing advertising from publications that are critical of them. Sounds familiar.

Writing for Nation.Cymru, veteran of two devolution referendum campaigns, Daran Hill, reflects on what devolution has or hasn’t done over the last 20 years, producing a pretty grounded and well-balanced view amidst excessive self-congratulation from within The Bay Bubble.