Best of the Blogs #3: Not Another One!

(Title Image: Wales Online)

Y Cneifiwr raises the prospect of another Welsh-medium school row in Carmarthenshire. This time it involves the replacement of the dilapidated Ysgol Dewi Sant on green space, with evidence the local Labour party (and others well-known to not be friendly towards the Welsh language) are doing their best to block the development.

Glyn at National Left covers Chris Bryant MP’s contradictory comments on the events in Catalonia and how it impacts national sovereignty and self-determination. The only way you can interpret it is that Chris Bryant doesn’t think ANY nation can become independent, including the UK.

Jac o’ the North highlights some unpleasant imports to Wales.

Borthlas looks at the criticism aimed at Labour in Wales for their “lack of support” for the Catalan Government (more here).

Syniadau urges a cautious interpretation of a story about the first solar farm opening without public subsidy in England this week.

Terry Mackie argues on Click on Wales for a more realistic approach to Welsh-medium education and support for the Welsh language instead of “trashy targets”.

Ifan Morgan Jones via Nation.Cymru takes exception with the BBC’s Nick Robinson’s comments on alternative news sites.