Best of the Blogs #6: All’s not well with the Wellness Centre

(Title Image: BBC Wales)

Carmarthen Planning asks whether the Swansea Bay City Deal is beginning to unravel? Further comment from Sian Caiach and Y Cneifiwr.

Dic Mortimer has a unique, somewhat cathartic, take on the Welsh men’s team’s footballing misery last week.

Borthlas offers his take on Jac o the North’s proposed new political party.

“Dig for Brexit!” at National Left following claims UK farmers will simply “produce more food” to make up for any possible post-Brexit drop in imports.

Gwynoro Jones says it’s time for a “real Senedd”.

Ifan Morgan Jones asks whether Wales needs a “figurehead” (similar to a US State Governor) to increase public awareness of, and engagement with, devolution.

At Click on Wales, there’s a piece from Merlin Gamble on local government electoral reform.

Finally, regardless of what some of you might think about his work, Martin Shipton’s lecture on the state of the Welsh media and democratic scrutiny (hosted by Gorwel) is well worth taking the time to read.