Best of the Blogs #9: Rules & Reformations

(Title Image: Wales Online)

There’s a further follow up on Mark James CBE’s latest legal threat by Y Cneifiwr.

Carmarthen Planning asked whether it’s one rule for us and another for the Dear Leader on abuse of IT facilities within Carmarthenshire Council?

Cambria Nostra marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation with Rev. Gethin Rees, particularly William Morgan’s translation of the Bible into Welsh and its importance to the Welsh language.

Jac o’ the North questions the finances of commercially-operated third sector bodies.

National Left comments on Alex Salmond’s new show on Russia Today.

Cllr. Peter Black notes behind-the-scenes instructions on Brexit being given to Theresa May and whether we should be worried about who the power behind the throne is.

Borthlas says arch-Brexiteer, John Redwood MP, was “just being honest” in advising clients to move their money out of the UK.