Best of the Blogs #12: Pragmatism

(Title Image: The Guardian)

Dic Mortimer wonders if we’re failing to heed the lessons of history as the far-right goes on the march yet again.

Cllr. Peter Black wonders if the Irish border question could bring down the UK Government.

Y Cneifwr discusses the failure to implement WLGA recommendations on governance at Carmarthenshire Council (here’s what I said at the time) and the Dear Leader’s manoeuvring to avoid declaring his business interests.

The latest Desolation Radio podcast looks at class and higher education.

Royston Jones (aka. Jac o’ the North) makes a case for a new Welsh nationalist party at Nation.Cymru

Ifan Morgan Jones later follows up by arguing that Plaid Cymru have to become more pragmatic in light of new national(ist) movements taking up their mantle.

Syniadau wonders if there are signs his prediction that the UK will stay in the EU single market and customs union will prove true.