Best of the Blogs #22: Just resting….

(Title Image: via Youtube)

National Left compares the reasoning used by the UK Government to retain powers over the devolved settlement (with regard the Continuity Bill) to a famous excuse from Father Ted.

Rodolfo Walsh’s Glasses takes note of Jeremy Corbyn’s recent comments on immigration/freedom of movement and wonders if it was a bit UKIP.

Carmarthenshire Planning celebrates 9 years of blogging; long may it continue.

Cllr. Peter Black says calls for England to withdraw from the forthcoming World Cup due to suspected Russian involvement in the nerve agent attack in Salisbury are “opportunistic”….but did he include the Lib Dem’s calls for a boycott in that assessment?

Borthlas asks if – following the Salisbury poisoning – the UK is deluded about its place in the world and how much weight it can throw around?