Protest against “nuclear mud” held at Senedd

(Title Image: BBC Wales)

On August 27th, several hundred protestors gathered on steps of the Senedd calling for a halt to plans to dump mud from the construction site of the new Hinkley Point nuclear power station off the coast of Cardiff.

The proposal was subject to a petition to the Senedd. However, AMs accepted a report that stated the mud posed no risk to human health or the environment, based on the available evidence, in May.

The Welsh Government said, “The recent Petition Committee’s report showed Natural Resources Wales made their determination (to grant a licence for dumping the mud) based on expert advice.”

EDF, who are building the plant, said concerns were “wrong” and “alarmist”.

Commenting on the protest via Twitter, Neil McEvoy AM (Ind, South Wales Central) said, “The people of Wales are standing up. We’re not going to be overlooked. We’re not going to be forgotten. We’re not having anyone’s nuclear mud dumped on us.”

A crowdfunding campaign was started to raise £15,000 towards a judicial review and temporary injunction to stop the dumping.