1 in 14 species in Wales “at risk of disappearing”

(Title Image: BTO)

A report by wildlife conservation body, WWF, suggests that species are disappearing in Wales at a faster rate than previously thought and demanded that politicians”step up action” to halt the decline and reverse it.

The Living Planet 2018 report suggests that some species,  such as hen harriers, hedgehogs, water voles, pearl mussels, and white-clawed crayfish are at particular risk in Wales from a mix of human and natural threats (which may or may not be linked to human activity).

Anne Meikle, director of WWF Cymru, told BBC Wales: “The collapse of global wildlife populations is a warning sign. We are the first generation that knows we’re destroying the planet and we could be the last who can do anything about it.

“Wales has a head-start on the rest of the world. Our ground-breaking laws (Future Generations Act) are the foundations that should put nature at the heart of everything we do. To join the fight for our world, political leaders need to significantly step up action.”

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