Radiology services working well but need reform to meet future demand

(Title Image: Wales Deanery)

There were mixed findings in a recent Wales Audit Office investigation into radiology services in Wales (pdf).

“Radiology is a vitally important part of our NHS, helping to diagnose, monitor and treat disease and injuries. But it’s a service under strain and while it may be coping at the moment, this is unlikely to continue in the longer term. The report I am publishing makes some clear recommendations at national and local level and I call on NHS Wales to take clear and targeted action in response.”
– Auditor General, Andrew Crompton

In terms of the good news, the WAO found that waiting times are being met after improving consistently over the last five years, while the service is said to be well managed – though some patients wait too long for their examination results.

In terms of the bad news, the WAO warn that with demand increasing by up to 15% a year, the service is under increasing pressure to recruit and train staff. There were also concerns that some equipment is outdated and that IT systems hamper the ability of radiology staff to effectively do their job – the latter recently raised by the Public Accounts Committee.