Senedd backs UK law banning ivory sales

(Title Image: WWF)

Yesterday (6th November 2018), the Senedd unanimously granted its consent to the UK Parliament’s Ivory Bill.

The Bill intends to ban all commercial ivory dealing in the UK, including buying or selling ivory, arranging to buy or sell ivory and both exporting or importing ivory for sale. As this falls under animal welfare and museums – both devolved issues – it required the consent of the Senedd.

It’s hoped the Bill will reduce domestic demand for ivory and help protect the world’s elephant population.

The Bill won’t extend to low ivory content pieces or what is described as ivory pieces of “outstanding high artistic value” – such as museum or art gallery exhibits – which will be subject to an exemption certificate. A register of exempt ivory pieces will be drafted and held by the UK Government.

The Welsh Government will have some powers over the exemption certificate process, the power to extend the definition of “ivory” to species other than elephants, as well as the power to expand penalties for breaking the law – all subject to the approval of regulations in the Senedd.

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