Report: “Third of AMs employ family members”

(Title Image: Elliot Brown via Flickr)

A Senedd source revealed to Nation.Cymru that around a third of AMs employ family members.

The report said that 8 Conservative AMs, 8 Labour AMs, 2 UKIP AMs and an Independent AM employed family as members of their staff. A number also employed the family members and spouses of other AMs.

The source is quoted as saying: “It’s no wonder that people are so fed up with politicians when those from the two main parties continue to abuse the system to top-up the family income in this way. A minister employing a spouse will be bringing in £120,000 a year. It’s obscene and should be phased out immediately.”

Plaid Cymru has explicitly banned the employment of family members as staff, though the independent Remuneration Panel has recommended the employment of family members be phased-out from March 2019.