Senedd backs ongoing relationship with EU Committee of the Regions

(Title Image: Council of Europe)

Yesterday, AMs unanimously endorsed the recommendations of a report from the Senedd’s two representatives to the EU’s Committee of the Regions – Mick Antoniw AM (Lab, Pontypridd) and Bethan Sayed AM (Plaid, South Wales West). There’s an authoritative summary of the implications from the Assembly Research Service.

The Committee of the Regions is a forum for local authorities, sub-national regions and stateless nations. The report recommended the establishment of a joint UK-EU forum in order for Wales to continue to participate in Committee of the Regions dialogue after Brexit.

Minister for International Relations & Welsh Language, Eluned Morgan (Lab, Mid & West Wales), said it was important for Wales not to lose the relationships and “soft power” that’s been built up across mainland Europe simply because of Brexit.

“Now, I recently announced that the Welsh Government will be developing a new international strategy, and in the course of that consultation, we’ll be looking to determine which of the many European networks….we will want to prioritise in terms of future relationships between Wales and the European Union.


“And as that clock keeps ticking down towards the UK’s exit from the EU, I think it’s essential that we send out a strong message that, even if we do leave the EU and its institutions, we are absolutely determined to ensure that we remain on good terms and that we’re determined to enhance and to continue to develop our relationships with our nearest neighbours on the continent.”
– Minister for International Relations & Welsh Language, Eluned Morgan

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