MPs reject No Deal Brexit under any circumstances

(Title Image: The Telegraph)

Yesterday evening – and following Tuesday’s second rejection of the EU withdrawal agreement – the UK House of Commons voted on the way forward.

MPs narrowly passed an amendment – tabled jointly by the Conservative’s Caroline Spelman MP and Labour’s Jack Dromey MP – by 312-308 which rules out leaving the EU without some sort of agreement.

MPs also rejected a motion (374-164) calling for a No Deal, but with the withdrawal date pushed back to 22nd May 2019 to allow for further preparations (known as the “Malthouse Compromise”).

Today (14th March), MPs will vote on extending the Article 50 period to at least 30th June 2019 to allow for further negotiation.

While the votes are non-binding, any extension to Article 50 will require the approval of the 27 EU member states and isn’t guaranteed. It may also be rejected as the withdrawal date will clash with the 2019 European Parliament elections – which the UK may have a right to participate in if Brexit is delayed until after 23rd May 2019.