UK Parliament can’t make up its mind on Brexit; PM offers to stand down to get deal through

(Title Image: Flickr David Hold Creative Commons Licence CC BY 2.0)

Yesterday (March 27th 2019), the UK House of Commons failed to pass a single motion supporting particular means to break the Brexit impasse despite taking control of the process last week.

Eight options were tabled including a “No Deal” Brexit, a customs union, a second referendum and the revocation of Article 50, but no single motion gained a majority.

The closest votes were on a customs union with the EU (264-272) and a second referendum (268-295). At the moment, the UK is set to leave the EU with a “No Deal” by default on April 12th.

The Prime Minister has, however, told Conservative MPs she’ll stand down before the next phase of Brexit negotiations if her withdrawal agreement is approved. Efforts are now being made to secure a third vote on her deal in the House of Commons.