Probation services to be re-nationalised in EnglandandWales

(Title Images: UK Government)

The UK Government has announced it will renationalise offender supervision programmes following an “irredeemably flawed” privatisation programme under UK Secretary of State for Failure, Chris Grayling MP.

The Senedd has already called for probation services to be re-nationalised, while there’s cross-party support for probation services to be devolved.

The state-run National Probation Service (NPS) – which currently only oversees high-risk offenders – will oversee all offender supervision from 2021. The private and voluntary sectors will still undertake certain activities such as training.

UK Justice Secretary, David Gauke MP, said: “The model we are announcing today will harness the skills of private and voluntary providers and draw on the expertise of the NPS to boost rehabilitation, improve standards and ultimately increase public safety.”