Welsh carbon emissions “should be cut by 95%”

(Title Image: Plaid Ifanc via Twitter)

The UK Climate Change Committee has recommended Wales set a target of cutting carbon emissions by 95% (compared to 1990 levels) by 2050 if progress is to be made in cutting greenhouse gas emissions to a level to stabilise climate change.

The Welsh Government set a target of an 80% cut in the Environment Act 2016 and recently published a Low Carbon Action Plan. Some of the measures recommended by the committee include a 25% reduction in livestock land, a 70% increase in reforestation and a programme of emissions reductions in heavy industry – such as steel-making.

Last week, the Senedd declared a largely symbolic “climate emergency” and while a 95% cut target was said to be tough, it was achievable. The Welsh Government said there was a collective responsibility across the UK and pan-UK action was needed in areas non-devolved to Wales.