Expert criticises “extremely disapponting” Welsh Government reponse to exercise report

(Title Image: National Assembly of Wales)

The director of the Wales Institute for Physical Literacy, Dr Nalda Wainwright, has written to the Senedd’s Health Committee criticising the Welsh Government’s response to a damning report into the state of physical activity amongst Welsh children (pdf).

“It is extremely disappointing that in Wales, where we have the highest childhood obesity in Europe and a third of children living in poverty, Welsh Government feels an appropriate response to the recommendations of the report is to quote the Foundation Phase curriculum, which published research shows does not develop the necessary motor skills.


“They also suggest that resources with no evidence base are a pedagogical model for physical education. By ignoring the evidence Welsh Government are in danger of failing the young children and families of Wales in particular in areas of deprivation where they are faced with a growing crisis of inactivity, poor motor development and rising obesity.”
– Dr Nalda Wainwright

She added that teachers and teaching assistants require specialist training to deliver lessons and activities that improve motor skills and also that there was little evidence of a positive impact from various in-school physical activity programmes focused on motor skills development.