Concerns remain over inappropriate behaviour at the Senedd despite fall in incidents

(Title Image: Electoral Reform Society)

The results of the first staff survey undertaken since a new dignity and respect policy was introduced at the Senedd has revealed a fall in the number of incidents of inappropriate behaviour (pdf).

23 people reported being on the receiving end of inappropriate behaviour at least once in 2019, compared to 37 people in 2018. However, this still meant 13.5% of respondents were victims of harassment, while just under 20% of people surveyed said they had seen another person act inappropriately towards someone else.

A statement prepared jointly by party group leaders and the Assembly Commission said: “The majority of participants, over 80%, stated that they had not experienced any form of inappropriate behaviour. It is therefore a small cohort of individuals who are responsible for the issues reported in the survey. However, the actions of a few tarnish us all and the reputation of the Assembly. Individually, we each have responsibility to bring about the cultural changes we seek to achieve – either through appropriately challenging individuals or by managing our own personal conduct more effectively.”