Committee established to consider Senedd electoral reform

(Title Image: Electoral Reform Society)

AMs have voted by 35-11 to establish of a cross-party committee to further consider electoral reforms at the Senedd.

“These reforms are about how we best represent the people of Wales. This is the next important step in creating a more effective and accessible legislature, ensuring that our democratic framework is fit for the future.


“With ever-increasing pressure and the additional responsibilities of this parliament, the case for reform is stronger than ever.


“I look forward to following the committee’s work in scrutinising these important issues of democracy and accountability.”
– Llywydd, Elin Jones (Plaid, Ceredigion)

The new committee doesn’t yet have a membership and will look at the number of AMs and possible changes to the voting system in line with the McAllister Review.

A Bill seeking to reduce the voting age to 16 and change the name of the National Assembly is currently progressing through the legislative process.