Green-coloured free bus passes need to be replaced before the end of 2019

(Title Image: Wales Online)

Free bus pass holders in Wales, including the over-60s and those with some qualifying disabilities, have to renew their pass before the end of 2019 if it’s the “old style” green-coloured smart card (pictured above).

This isn’t related to proposed changes to bus pass eligibility and anyone who currently holds a bus pass will keep it – though pass-holders may have to provide the same paperwork/evidence they did at their first application.

Transport for Wales (which will be overseeing the renewal process) say the old-style passes will no longer be recognised by smart card readers from 31st December 2019. The renewal will also be a chance or them to ensure details are up to date in light of changes to data protection laws.

Pass-holders can renew online with Transport for Wales from today (Wednesday September 11th 2019) though paper applications are available on request.

The volume of traffic to the website caused it to crash earlier this morning, so they’ve provided an alternative link with all information in English and yn Gymraeg.

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