Row over candidate selection powers snub before Labour conference

(Title Image: ITV Wales)

Welsh Labour has been rocked by a decision by the UK party’s National Executive Committee to formally take control of the reselection process for MPs.

ITV Wales political editor, Adrian Masters, said the decision was likely to cause serious strain between the First Minister – as the most senior elected Labour politician in the UK – and Jeremy Corbyn.

A case was reportedly made that devolving reselections would be a “sensible cleaning up of the rules”, but the NEC decided not to do so and, while Welsh Labour will retain control over the selection process for AMs (requiring 51% of members to vote in favour of a reselection), under UK party rules only a third of members need to vote for reselecting an MP.

Elsewhere, Labour Students was effectively abolished by a separate decision by the NEC, though Welsh Labour Students have expressed determination to continue.