Plaid Cymru calls for universal free social care

(Title Image: BBC Wales)

A commission set up by Plaid Cymru has recommended that social care should be free at the point of use for everyone, funded from general taxation, as part of a “National Care Service”. The policy is likely to be included in Plaid’s 2021 Welsh General Election manifesto.

The commission also recommended that care workers are moved onto NHS pay scales as well as increased investment in preventative health and care services.

Dr Dai Lloyd AM (Plaid, South Wales West) said: “Aneurin Bevan is rightly celebrated for being the architect of the NHS in the teeth of vocal opposition and vested interests. The challenge to radically reform social care along the same lines as health care is one Plaid Cymru is determined to achieve – finishing Aneurin Bevan’s work – Gorffen gwaith Nye.”