Alun Cairns resigns after denial of rape trial knowledge shown to be false

(Title Image: via Twitter)

The Welsh Secretary, Alun Cairns, has resigned from his post after it was revealed by BBC Wales he was told that a prospective Senedd candidate in the Vale of Glamorgan sabotaged a rape trial.

The Conservative’s official line is and remains that Cairns and party officials had no knowledge until October 2019. But a leaked-mail, dated August 2018 – about 4 months after the trial collapsed – revealed both Cairns and senior members of the Welsh Conservatives were told that further action by the courts against Ross England was unlikely.

England, who used to work for Alun Cairns, was subsequently selected as a Tory candidate in December 2018.

Rape survivors, Labour and Plaid Cymru politicians – even some unnamed Conservatives – publicly called for Cairns’ resignation.