First Minister rejects notion Welsh Labour have been overridden on free social care by Corbyn

(Title Image: BBC Wales)

The First Minister has told ITV Wales that he hasn’t been “bounced” into pursuing free social care in Wales by the UK Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, as part of Labour’s 2019 UK General Election pledges.

Jeremy Corbyn said Labour would develop a plan for free social care in Wales, but Welsh Labour’s policy to date has been to cap charges for domestic care.

The First Minister said: “….if we have the funding, of course we will match the standards and the qualification of social care that will be there in other parts of the United Kingdom because we already exceed them.”

Labour had been chastised, some might argue embarrassed, by Plaid Cymru during election debates for promising things at a UK level which they could deliver at a Welsh level where they’re in government.