Flybe staves off collapse following emergency talks

(Title Image: Rhydgaled via Flickr and the Creative Commons Licence)

The troubled airline Flybe, which has a major base at Cardiff Airport, has secured a deferment for air passenger duty from the the UK Government, preventing the company from collapsing and also securing additional investment.

In 2019, the airline was taken over by a consortium led by Virgin Atlantic after coming close to bankruptcy. Despite emergency finances being provided by the new owners, the Exeter-headquartered company – said to be the largest regional airline in Europe – was said to be close to entering administration yet again with mounting financial losses.

Flybe currently operates some of Cardiff Airport’s most-used routes including Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, Newcastle and Aberdeen.

Flybe said they “wouldn’t comment on rumour and speculation” adding that flights were continuing to operate as usual prior to the agreement.