AMs face a five-year pay freeze but could receive extra childcare and disability funding

(Title Image: Electoral Reform Society)

The Independent Remuneration Board has published its draft recommendations for pay and expenses for members of the Sixth Senedd (2021-2026).

The key proposals include:

  • Freezing AMs’ basic salary at just under £67,700 for the five years of the Sixth Senedd, other than increases in line with the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings.
  • No change to salary top-ups for officeholders (including government ministers) and committee chairs.
  • Access to additional expenses for members who have a disability, subject to supporting medical evidence.
  • AMs will be able to claim up to £297 a month to cover out-of-hours care for dependent children or adults.
  • AMs on parental leave will be able to claim the cost of an additional staff member for up to 12 months.
  • Following the Gareth Bennett Standards Committee investigation, the new guidance explicitly states that constituency and regional offices should be up to a reasonable standard.
  • Unpaid interns working for AMs must be placed on a fixed-term contract is a placement lasts longer than four weeks.

A consultation on the proposals (pdf) is open until Tuesday 24th March 2020 – more details here.