Welsh Government recommends Senedd approves post-Brexit farming and fisheries Bills

(Title Image: ITV Wales)

The Welsh Government has recommended the Senedd approve two major UK post-Brexit laws – the UK Agriculture Bill (pdf) and the UK Fisheries Bill (pdf).

The Fisheries Bill will set up a framework for UK fisheries after Brexit, including access to UK fishing waters, sustainability and licensing of fishing vessels. The Welsh Government will have powers concerning the sale of rights to the Welsh catch quota as well as vessel licences (including foreign vessels) within Welsh waters.

The Agriculture Bill will establish a UK replacement for the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and will mean the Welsh Government would have powers to intervene during exceptional market conditions and over the basic payment system to farmers.

The UK Government will retain control of several areas including a requirement to meet World Trade Organisation rules, regulation of fertilisers and identifying and tracking animals.

The Bill also proposes changes to the red meat levy which could benefit producers. At present the levy is collected based on which nation an abattoir is in, meaning produce from one nation can be used to fund red meat promotional material in another. The Bill proposes that the red meat levy boards redistribute the levy proceeds between themselves.

Both Legislative Consent Motions will need to be approved by the Senedd.

The UK Bills are largely temporary. The Welsh Government intends to introduce Agriculture and Fisheries bills at a later date.

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