Coronavirus: Police issue community support group advice to prevent scams

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With communities setting up mutual aid groups to assist people who are self-isolating during the pandemic, the police have issued guidance to prevent people from being taken advantage of which, sadly, may happen as criminals try to use the crisis to their own ends.

The advice came from South Wales Police, but I presume it’s the same everywhere:

  • Only accept help from people you know and only set up community support groups in small blocks locally where you’ll be known to your neighbours.
  • Don’t pay cash in advance and don’t hand over your bank card for someone to shop on your behalf.
  • Shopping and supplies should be left on your doorstep. Don’t allow any volunteer into your home under any circumstances. Use a door chain to put you in control, and try to use a password.
  • If someone claims to be from a company or organisation, always ask for and check ID. If they’re genuine they won’t mind waiting while you check; ideally, check their credentials with the organisation they say they’re from.
  • Be wary of unsolicited emails trying to take advantage of coronavirus, and don’t click on links or attachments in suspicious emails. Don’t give out financial or other personal information unless you’re sure you know who you’re dealing with.
  • If you need help, contact trusted organisations such as Age Cymru, the Royal Voluntary Service, Care & Repair Cymru or Citizens Advice.
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