Social distancing rules for Welsh workplaces come into force

(Title Image: National Assembly of Wales)

A series of amendments have been made to recent public health regulations in Wales which will see a 2 metre (6ft6) social distancing rule enforced in workplaces (regulations – pdf; explanatory memorandum – pdf).

The 2-metre rule is already enforced for customers visiting business premises which can remain open in Wales, with supermarkets already introducing disinfecting stations as well as extensive queueing and social distancing measures.

The regulations require that all people working “take all reasonable measures” to maintain a 2 metres distance between themselves and other people. This means that building sites, call centres and factories – where people cannot be reasonably expected to work from home – can remain operational. Guidance is set to be issued by the Welsh Government to employers imminently.

Some minor amendments have been made elsewhere, including the introduction of a strict 2-metre rule at burials, while agricultural suppliers and livestock markets have been added to the list of businesses which can remain open during the emergency period.

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