Union warns of a cash crisis at universities

(Title Image: Cardiff University)

Research conducted on behalf of the UCU union has found that universities in Wales could lose up to £98million and more than 1,200 job losses due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The union said Welsh universities are expecting new student figures to fall by 13,250, partly due to a sharp fall in the number of international students, who pay higher tuition fees.

Universities Wales – the representative body for higher education – said: “Welsh Government and UK Government must take urgent action to provide the support…..and to protect students, maintain research, and retain our capacity to drive the recovery of the economy and communities.”

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “The Education Minister has written to the HEFCW with a provisional indication of funding for this financial year. While this isn’t a final settlement, it does demonstrate the importance of the higher education sector to Welsh society and our economy.”

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