Councils set “challenge” to introduce social distancing-friendly walking & cycling options

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The Welsh Government has challenged local authorities in Wales to come up with ideas to allow the public to cycle and walk whilst maintaining 2-metre social distancing rules.

With roads and public transport quieter than usual, the government believes there’s an opportunity to transform how people get around their local communities.

Some of the proposed measures include temporarily widened pavements, greater use of 20mph limits, road and lane closures with access only to cyclists and temporary crossings.

Deputy Minister for Economy & Transport, Lee Waters (Lab, Llanelli) said: “I want local authorities to be imaginative, drawing on good practice from towns and cities across the globe. By reallocating road space and changing our environment we can alter the way people think about travelling. These changes will support much-needed improvements in air quality, decarbonisation and public health.”

In 2013, the Senedd passed the Active Travel Act which is aimed at securing long-term improvements in walking and cycling facilities to encourage people to leave their cars at home.

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