“Education is devolved, please respond”

(Title Image: Welsh Government via Twitter)

The Welsh Government took the extraordinary step of reminding some of the UK’s major media outlets – via Twitter – that education was devolved after they reported that schools in England may reopen in June as if it were a UK-wide story.

The First Minister told the BBC that schools may reopen in June, but the government had been advised by education unions that schools would need at least three weeks to prepare.

Mark Drakeford added that pupils may return in phases rather than all in one go, with Year 6 pupils, special needs pupils and Welsh-medium pupils possibly returning earlier than others.

While there was some praise for the Welsh Government’s response – prompting renewed calls for the devolution of broadcasting (see also: State of Wales – The Welsh News Deficit) – it also brought to mind this quote from Game of Throne’s Tywin Lannister:

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