Police Commissioners call for increased lockdown breach fines, get them

(Title Image: ITV Wales)

Police & Crime Commissioners and chief constables of the Welsh police forces have written to the First Minister calling for fines for breaching lockdown regulations to be increased to match those in England.

Fines introduced at the start of lockdown in Wales start at £60 and are capped at £120, while in England they now start at £100 and can rise to up to £3,200 for repeat offenders.

People can be fined for being outdoors without a reasonable excuse. The recent relaxation of lockdown arrangements in England has led to increased anxiety about people travelling into Wales without realising the lockdown remains in effect and is enforced by the Welsh Government.

In the letter, the police said fine parity would “provide clarity for people living in our communities across Wales, who will know that their local officers and staff have exactly the same powers and sanctions as their colleagues working over the border.”

On 20th May, the First Minister announced that the fines would double after each caution to reach a maximum of £1,920 after the sixth offence. He added: “As we approach the bank holiday weekend, we continue to ask people to stay at home to protect themselves and their loved ones from coronavirus. If they are exercising – please stay safe and stay local.”

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